Human DNA in Hot Dogs?! Meat in Vegetarian Hot Dogs?! The Tests Say YES!

On rare occasions I'll eat a turkey hot dog but due to the highly processed nature and weird texture of hot dogs I'm not a fan. (Admittedly I did enjoy them while growing up in NYC.) But after reading the Hot Dog Report from Clear Food it congealed my decision to avoid them.

As unexpected and horrifying it is to know that hot dogs share similarities with Soylent Green, I find it equally abysmal that many vegetarian products contain meat.
  • Substitution: We encountered a surprising number of substitutions or unexpected ingredients. We found evidence of meats not found on labels, an absence of ingredients advertised on labels, and meat in some vegetarian products.
  • Hygienic issues: Clear Food found human DNA in 2% of the samples, and in 2/3rds of the vegetarian samples.
You really don't know what's in highly processed food unless you have your own private lab. Just because something is labelled any number of things including fair trade, vegan or organic doesn't mean it's absent of some unwanted, unexpected and totally gross surprises. Because it's sold at an upscale grocer doesn't mean it's good for you. 

But even so, ew!


  1. Oh my gosh, me too, ewww!!! And I love hot dogs and always get the beef ones.

  2. Processed food is scary but this is just too much!

  3. I agree! Yet it didn't seem to make many headlines.

  4. I saw this. Yuck!! But then I don't eat meat. I wonder how long it takes to get the DNA out of me from when I did eat them many years ago :-)

  5. I always look for the nitrates in it.... i did find one that did not have it... but i have to wonder.. what DO they have in their hotdogs?



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