Vintage 1930s Halloween Party Ideas for the Kiddies

I love Halloween, but not because I wear a costume and go out to party. I adore waiting for the little neighborhood kids to come trick-or-treating because they're so cute. 

One neighborhood boy had his first trick-or-treating experience at my house, and he was invited in to see my vintage decorations and received an extra large chocolate bar. His parents later reported that based upon his first impression he thought he was supposed to walk into everyone's house and receive an extra large treat! This year he'll be by with his little sister, hopefully.

My favorite memory of doling out the goodies is from my 20s. I was living in a tiny house in a crowded neighborhood and I ran out of candy.
Laundry quarters seemed like a decent substitute, so the next set of kids got a quarter each. Immediately upon this discovery one of the boys hollered to anyone listening: "You guys! She's giving out MONEY!" They stormed the joint and my $10 roll was gone in minutes. A cheap price to be the most popular!

Here is a scan from my copy of Children's Party Book: Games...Decorations...Menus and Recipes published in 1935. Because it was published during the Depression, many people didn't have change to spare. Yet, as you can see, there are still creative ways to entertain.


  1. I've liked Halloween since I was a kid! I have great memories of being Might Mouse and jumping off desks at school. The teacher must have loved me, lol. I've even dressed up my dog for the holiday and taken him trick or treating. Once a little boy came to the door and had the same superman costume on! I think they both loved that. I hope you have a great one, Averyl!

    1. Halloween is for all of us kids! : ) Thanks and the same to you and your dog, Dr. J!

  2. Looking at these pictures just make me sigh..... guess you and I are the romantic ones, eh Averyl?



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