How to Stuff a Turkey + Vintage Recipes: Basic Stuffing, Salt Pork Stuffing, Oyster Stuffing

I was looking through my collection of cook booklets (I have so many I've bought at estate sales over the years that I'm not sure of what's in my library) I came across one completely dedicated to stuffing! "Stuffing Sampler" was published in 1958 by the American Institute of Baking and contains a handy how-to:

For the Birds: This is How to Stuff and Truss Them:

There's a Basic Stuffing and Roasting Guide for different sized birds:

If you're looking for something different this year, here's a recipe for seafood lovers: OYSTER Stuffing!

Now let's back up a second! Do you see that? A 5-7 pound turkey?? I've never been able to get anything smaller than 12 pounds, even when selecting from "organic" birds! This reminds of my "Skinny Chicks" post where I compared a 1950s chicken:

To THIS:  

It really illustrates the differences in how our food is treated and raised! Not exactly appetizing! Sorry. Ok, on to the next recipe, this one for Salt Pork Stuffing:

I think I love stuffing more than I love dessert. I'll have to get back to you on that after this year's meal, though, since I'm making this new-to-me vintage Pumpkin Chiffon pie recipe.


  1. Being from the south, we call it dressing and don't put it in the bird! But like you, it's my favorite part of the meal! My uncle used to make oyster dressing and it was delicious, but we always had to have the traditional version as well! :-)

    1. I didn't realize that was a southern distinction. Lucky you that you had two different dressing for one meal! Good to know that oyster dressing/stuffing is good. : )

    2. And also here in the South its cornbread dressing that's most popular. It's what I make each year.


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