My Guinea Pig Tiny Tim Loves His New Bed

This is Tiny Tim aka Timmy, the "failed foster" of mine (as in I agreed to foster him but then made him mine a few days later) that I adopted from the shelter almost two years ago. He was abused as a baby and suffered from severe head trauma which led to a skull fracture and being blinded in one eye. When I brought him home he was unable to walk without falling over due to vertigo. After a lot of love and rehab he is a happy, well adjusted boy despite some ongoing issues from his trauma.

I just bought him this new bed. Originally I was going to wait for Christmas but he deserves to be spoiled year-round. You can watch him and my other pigs (RIP Casper) in this little video of their holiday bash last year:

Unrelated, while going through some files I found a slip of paper with my old circa 1990s AOL email address and password. It still works. Kooky.


  1. Awwww Tiny Tim looks so comfy. His season is coming... :)


    1. Yes it is! I'm decorating "late" this year. I usually start the day after Halloween... :D

  2. Oh, this makes me want to cry, Averyl!! I hate hearing about animals being abused. :( I am so glad you were able to nurse Timmy back to relative health and love on him. He is a cutie!! And I love his little bed. :)

    How funny about your AOL email!! Who *didn't* used to have one! Mine is long gone, though.

    1. Thank you, Aileen. I have learned a lot from Timmy about acceptance and enjoying life no matter what! He is one tough little guy yet the sweetest boy.

      AOL, yes, that was the place to be in the 1990s. I recall my version, 2.7 (I think) didn't have enough memory to actually surf the internet. At that time I was using a black and white Apple laptop!


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