Highlights From My Christmas Eve and Day

I'm exhausted from the past few weeks, but very satisfied and satiated. I hope you are having a peaceful Christmas! Here are some highlights from my Christmas Eve dinner, morning and Christmas day dinner in pictures:

Christmas Eve dinner table settings

Tiny Tim approaching his Christmas morning banana split. Yummmm!

Tiny Tim with my 1950s Santa.

 After the presents were opened and put away.

Some of my vintage ornaments on display in my sunroom.

My circa 1950s/60s Evergleam Pom Pom aluminum tree.

Christmas day dinner table.

We dined on standing rib roast end slice, roasted new red potatoes, heirloom carrots. Merry Christmas!


  1. Your table setting was beautiful!

  2. Tiny Tim!! :)

    I love peeking at your house through your photos. :)

    And gorgeous table settings! I'm glad you had a great Christmas, Averyl. I did, too. Except, remember when I said recently that I wanted to simplify the food at holidays? Yeah, about that yesterday. With acquiescing on my part, I overdid it again. Took requests/suggestions from my hubby and dad. Without eliminating anything. What I need to do is make a plan next year ahead of time, consider suggestions, then come to a whittled down but satisfactory menu. Sigh.

    1. Thanks, Aileen!

      I'm glad you're not staying stuck in beating yourself up and deciding to plan ahead and set menu limits (realizing you don't need to make everybody's favorites) next year. That's what I do every holiday season, but I never do it "perfectly" and still permit myself to reasonably overindulge........on Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve and day and not the entire "season!"

  3. Really nice, Averyl!! Tiny Tim better be careful or he won't be so tiny anymore, lol

    1. ha! He had lost a lot of weight while he was ill since he wasn't eating on his own and it was hard to get food down him via oral syringe. He's gaining now, but won't let him become Tubby Tim. :)


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