Record Store Day: Graham Nash at Bull Moose in Scarborough, Maine!

 Graham Nash with a Moxie, Maine's official soft drink.

I love Graham Nash, and was thrilled that he came to my town to kick off Record Store Day yesterday! He just dropped a new album, This Path Tonight, and was there to sign copies. I knew the line would be very long so I got there at 11:00 a.m. for his 1:00 p.m. arrival. Fortunately I'm a skilled line-waiter from my years of waiting for estate sales to open, but even so, things can get boring unless you have fun people in line with you.

It turned out that the Maine band, Hilton Park, was standing in line, too, and they broke out into an impromptu jam!

I spent the rest of the time talking with a mother and her adult son standing behind me who are both big Graham Nash fans. He was nice enough to take the photo of me with Graham with my cell phone (below). We discussed if we would have him just sign his name or personalize it. Because I have an unusual name it throws people off, so I thought I definitely wanted him to personalize mine. Would he say anything?

I was twelfth in line, and quickly it was my turn! I spelled my name out for him, giddy that I'm actually meeting him after knowing him through his music, mostly recently from his early album, Songs for Beginners, which helped get me through my divorce.

"A....v as in victory...e...r...y...l." (People often hear "v" as "b" which has had me become Aberyl, among countless misspellings.)

"That's an interesting name. How did that come about?"

"My parents were hippies..."

He looked up at me intently and replied: "We all are...We're all hippies."

I just love that!! And we all smiled, including the Bull Moose employee standing by.


  1. Oh, you found a happening, as I call the experience. Very Cool!!!

    I once went to a quiet place in town that happened to have a grand piano, and found a Russian classical pianist who who happened to be in town practicing! There was not a single key on that piano that he didn't play :-)

  2. This was very cool, Averyl! I've always loved Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young. Together and individually! :)


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