Vinyl Drama

In 2013 I did a post about my Zeitgeist Music Machines. Since then I've done a little streamlining in my living room and purchased a new combination turntable, cassette player and radio that now sits atop my 8 track player. The sound is average, there's no bass or tone control but it wasn't very expensive and is a placeholder until I can find the perfect vintage stereo system at a yard sale.

This past weekend I had quite the vinyl adventure. I realllly want every original Beatles album along with classic rock which I mentioned in my earlier post but so does everyone else which makes for very competitive searching. But I wasn't prepared for what happened this past Saturday morning. (Two weeks ago I arrived at a yard sale too late and by that I mean I was 30 minutes early and she had already "practically given away" all of her Beatles albums.) I pulled up to the garage sale 20 minutes before start time and saw a man pawing through the album bin. I sized him up; I had never seen him before. I'm very familiar with the local competition. I semi-calmly walked over and asked if I could look through the albums he had already gone through and didn't want which is when I saw a whole stack of albums like Woodstock, CSN&Y, etc! 

"What are you looking for?" he asked.

"Classic rock."

"Oh, I don't like classic rock."

Phew! So I assumed that all of those vinyl gems were those he wasn't taking. 

"Oh, those are the ones I want."

"But that's all classic rock...." 

I don't recall his exact response.

"Can I buy them from you?"

Mind you he hasn't paid yet but I've been out picking for close to two decades. This sort of thing is not uncommon.

"I never sell my albums which is why I have over 5,000."

I wasn't feeling happy (or sorry) for him at this point.

So I fake calmly waited for him to finish taking every album I wanted and sorted through his sloppy seconds. I did find some. But! 

The neighbor of the woman having the sale said to me that he had all kinds of classic rock albums! I asked him if he wanted to sell them to me and he said yes! Then he ran over to his house and came running back holding a large storage box the same size as the original! Cue Chariots of Fire and slo-mo glory as the box is placed before me!

"I'll let you look after I'm finished picking through everything I want," I said to the Man Who Bought Woodstock et al. 

The thing is, this was all good-natured. I had a smirk and we were joking with each other and both were happy when we left. (Also I learned he's from out of town which is why I have never seen him. I told him to buy local. ha). We had each picked out exactly 11 albums for $8 from each seller, and for me that included two Beatles albums from the second seller! So I had 22 albums in great condition for $16!

As I headed to the next sale I stopped a yard sale that hadn't been advertised. I asked if they had any albums and the lady of the house replied that she did, in her basement, she'd be right back!

She brought up the vintage psychedelic record case pictured that was filled with classic rock! I asked how much she wanted? 

"Oh, $5."

Here's a sampling of what I scored on Saturday:

Everything is in very good plus condition. I was really excited about Jesus Christ Superstar! I've always loved that soundtrack, my mother played it a lot when I was little. It even has the booklet insert with the lyrics!

There was also a very curious Beatles find in the magic box of records: 

They didn't come with the cover, just the sleeves. I looked them up online and learned that "Beatles Alpha Omega" was a pirated compilation in 1973 by "Audio Tape, Inc." that was actually sold via mail order and advertised on TV and radio! Apparently copyright laws weren't as stringent back then. Rather than take legal action, Capital records put out the two anthologies: The Beatles 1962-166 and 1967-1970 (also called the "Red" and "Blue" albums) which I had coincidentally acquired at the first sale. 

The magic box also had the original Sgt Pepper's cut-out insert in between some of the albums. I photographed it next to the new reproduction that came with my 2012 reissue. Can you spot the original?

(My promised post of a vintage perspective on "Body Positivity" is still in the works, and by that I mean I've been thinking about it but this summer is so divine that my brain is a bit on vacation as far as my more cerebral writing.)


  1. NO WAY!!! that is yard sale magic. congratulations!!

    1. Thank you! I thought of you because there was some Neil Diamond, too!

  2. OMG! Tell me you didn't time travel back to my high school bedroom and college dorm room! Such memories these beautiful album covers bring back! I'd totally forgotten about some of them, like The Grass Roots! You really scored! Wish we were neighbors...I'd bake some brownies and come listen with you (by the way, it's only 4:45 am here, but was so excited for you that I couldn't wait to write!). Lois
    P.s. great yard sale story, too. Those encounters are not for the faint of heart!

    1. Good morning! Nostalgia can be so exhilarating, yet exasperating when it's up for grabs and we don't make it in time. :)

  3. HaHa! Great story!! You are inspiring me to did through my old albums to see what I've got. I have to did deep into a storage area. I'll let you know what I find!


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