Happy 100 Years to my Nana!

100 years old and she still is fabulous! My Nana is an inspiration to me on many levels.

Me and Nana in the late 1980s.

This is also sometime in the 1980s. My Nana never let herself go, inside our out, and has a will and spirit fiercer than anyone I know! When I recently asked her to share her beauty secrets, she replied: "Secrets? There are no secrets. I was born this way!"


  1. Nana is a STUNNER! Very old Hollywood beauty and glamor... you lucky duck for inheriting those genes!!

    1. Thank you! She is totally old Hollywood! She never ever leaves her house without lipstick! Her "housecoats" and robes are always totally glam. She's got a quick wit and still can make me laugh.

  2. Oh, I only saw the first pic on Instagram. You are lucky to have her! She sounds wonderful!

  3. Happy birthday to your nana! She is beautiful and reminds me of the hollywood stars I used to see and admire on the tv. An example of a woman with a capital W!


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