How I'm going to shave $600 off of my grocery budget (coming up next post) & a quick cuke update!

Those are cucumbers that were just picked from the garden! There are many more still growing and blossoming on the vines. The spot we picked seems perfect for them, although next year they will be given more space.

One of my favorite salads/cold side dishes is chopped cucumber with apple cider vinegar, dill, cumin and salt to taste. It's even better with chopped tomatoes but ours are still green. Timmy is enjoying his organic backyard cucumbers!


In other domestic news, my washing machine died last week. The new one cost us around $600. That's just a part of home ownership, but so is trying to figure out how to save money without sacrificing quality and healthfulness. Quite accidentally, on the way home from a yard sale in Portland, I made a discovery that runs counter to everything I had assumed about grocery shopping. I did some calculations and learned how to save over $600 a year without cutting back on a thing! I'll be sharing that with you next post. : )


  1. I'm interested in finding out what that is!

  2. Timmy is the cutest little creature and he is clearly a foodie. I want to snuggle him!
    $600 savings...? Yes, please! Cannot wait for the post.

    1. Haha! He is a foodie! He loves snuggles, too, and even purrs! I'll do the next post ASAP. :D


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