What?! Now even in a doctor's office they won't mention weight and calorie reduction?!


In my book I wrote about how the medical industry has changed over the years when it comes to average vs healthy weight recommendations. BMI replaced more specific height and weight charts. 

I've been to various doctors belonging to the same practice over the years. I'd often see a large BMI chart on the walls.

No more. 

I recently had my annual physical. Pictured above is a chart placed right in front of the scale, and it doesn't address weight.

Think About It. Move More. Eat Real Foods. Drink Water. 

Um, OK? I can do all of those things and still gain weight, or if I was at an unhealthy weight, not loose an ounce. Has "Health at Every Size" infiltrated the medical industry? Isn't the scale in a doctor's office THE place to initiate a gentle but factual discussion about the correlation between overweight or obesity and health? I was expecting to see: "Eat Less if Overweight." Are people supposed to take a hint since it's right in front of the scale? Is dropping hints via posters the new bedside manner?!

Looking glam in a gown.

Wait. There's more: A chart with questions about how much fruit do I eat, do I exercise, etc on the flip side, but there still is no mention of weight or eating less. Sure it's generally good advice for anyone, except for the dumb "My Plate" inspired recommendation to fill half your plate with fruit and vegetables. You can totally get your daily fruit and veggies without cramming it all together on one plate in one sitting, or is that type of suggestion too complex now??

Is it like this at your MD's office?


  1. Ridiculous!!
    I have an appointment this afternoon to establish with a new doctor, so we'll see what the latest recommendations are here :)

    1. Oh goody! (I hope you like your new doctor, most importantly!)

  2. Hm, mine doesn't even have these charts and graphics. At all. And I never thought anything of it. I guess my doctor's office has given up? Come to think of it, when I was gaining weight over the years not one word was ever said about it to me. Not one!

    Speaking of weight, Averyl, I am finally losing! My clothes are getting loose!! Three months ago I started out by counting calories. Now for the past month I just eyeball my plate and put less on it than when I was counting. I haven't gotten on the scale yet so I don't know how much I've lost so far. But it's a good feeling, finally!

    1. Aileen I can see how they would want to give up, or be concerned about alienating or angering people who would feel fat shamed by a simple discussion, but it seems wrong that they still don't follow through with appropriate, constructive and medically sound conversations with us.

      And CONGRATULATIONS! That's great, Aileen!!! :)

  3. I think people want to lose weight, but they don't want to feel like they are on a diet because they want their cake and to eat it to. This new approach plays into that mindset. Probably the only way we will get this obesity thing under control is if we modify our total environment to where it helps us be our best weight or we find a way to make foods we choose be calorie free. Those of us who take an active role in our health by diet and exercise are in the minority.

    PS The last person who I told I was worried about him being fat told me if he ever thought he was fat he would do something about it, but he wasn't fat. Trust me, he was 50 pounds overweight easy.

    1. Dr J I was hoping you'd comment, thanks. I'm not clear, though, from your response if you think this new approach is a positive one?

  4. Well, my weight and blood pressure were taken and I was given absolutely no feedback. So, I guess I'm fine??? Ha!! The only weight management handout that was available was based on the "Dash Diet" and I (personally) was disgusted. Lots and lots of of grains, low fat dairy, canned fruits and fruit juices are encouraged. Yikes...


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