Decluttering My Career: From Busy Production Design Studio to Serene Writer's Den

My home office has served me very well, but it was time for a major change.

From 2001 through last year I ran a brisk and busy business from my home office. I've provided vintage imagery, research and design services to businesses; had been selling my vintage finds on ebay, many years with PowerSeller status; designed and manufactured my own retro greeting card line that I sold online and wholesaled locally. During that time I also blogged while I wrote my first book.

After my divorce I realized that I wanted to spin down some of my business so I could dedicate more time to my writing. My ebay inventory that was piled on my production table in the middle of my office, my card making supplies, the research source materials (old papers, magazines, etc) and the multiple storage bins they were in placed beneath and around the table began to feel like clutter closing in on me.

I discontinued my retro Christmas card line after the holiday season last year and spent this past year selling off and donating my remaining ebay inventory so that the top of the work table was cleared. I relocated the plastic bins that were stored underneath that table which contain research materials I no longer need to reference (but may again someday) and unused card stock into my basement. I sold my L.L.Bean oak desk on craigslist and that work table I mentioned?

As you can see in the above photos, it's now my desk!

It's a wonderful large 1950s turquoise Formica table with wrought iron ivy legs that I bought at an antique shop for only $100 in Ogunquit about seven years ago. It even came with the original chairs which I'm storing in my basement.

Since my new desk doesn't have drawers I'm using this 1935 (the date is imprinted on the base) flatware chest that I bought at a church rummage sale for $12.

The desk in the corner, no longer covered with stuff, is now my writing desk.

The old typewriter for which I paid $3 is for inspiration. The matching lamps here and on my other desk were yard sale finds for fifty cents each. The 1950s wood banker's chair was a $5 find.

It's so nice to have the space back and see the floor in my office where the table used to be!

I needed more space for my books. In addition to using antique wood crates I bought a new-to-me upcycled bookshelf.

These Maple bookshelves were gifted to me in grad school by the artisan who made them. His wife, a friend, took pity on my sad plastic crates I had been using. The paintings are flea and yard sale finds. You can see them when I first got them when I lived in a tiny house in Burlington, Vermont.

A very modern painting signed by an unknown artist.

The tintype and guitar pick. :)

My "new" bookshelf is made with reclaimed wood from an 1800s stage coach! I was at an antique shop and happened to be there when the seller was stocking her section with this along with some of the antique wood crates and cabinet a few pics below. She gave me a great deal! I spent less on all of those pieces than I would have if I bought faux wood shelving from Target.

I really like old crates with advertising and listening to the one remaining oldies a.m. station.

Cool old lettering.

I am now using an 1800s primitive farmhouse jelly cabinet/cupboard as storage shelves along with more wood crates for some of my boots and shoes. The modern painting was a $12 yard sale find. The cuckoo clock came with my house!

On top of the cabinet is a $6 Art Deco box from a flea market that's holding more papers.

I love the old latch hardware and primitive look of the wood.

Ah, yes, Christmas is not far off!


  1. What a beautiful room...soothing, welcoming, and inspiring! Love the table, and all the wonderful details! And I wish I'd known you were selling retro Christmas cards...I definitely would have bought some from you!

    1. Thank you, Lois! Too bad re the cards. :( I may bring them back someday.:)

  2. I really love this room. And you have a knack for finding the most eclectic pieces that just go together. :)

  3. The room looks great and each of your special pieces are beautiful--- they really flow together nicely! I second that about the vintage cards. Please shout from the roof tops if you begin selling them again :)


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