Good Morning from the Eastern Trail @ Scarborough, Maine Marsh!

Good morning! I just returned from a beautiful walk. You may recognize the marsh from this summer's walk at the Scarborough River Wildlife Sanctuary. I snapped a pic of the road flashers mentioned in that previous post.

If you are in the path of Hurricane Matthew please stay safe! I hope you all have a warm and peaceful weekend. I'll be doing some more apple picking and foliage drives that I'll share here and on my Instagram.


  1. Love these! So beautiful. I will be in Santa Fe next week. Can't wait for the cool air! Still waiting for fall to come to Needville. Hope it's here when I get back!

    1. That is from me ^^^ Connie. I signed as unknown lol

    2. Hello, Connie! I hope fall hurries up already so you can wear sweaters and warm your hands on a mug of hot tea and...yeah, fall rocks! :)

  2. Really nice place!! I'm lucky to live in a rural area, yet close enough to the city.

    Thank you for your concern about the Hurricane, Averyl! It looks like we are getting through this one all right. I live just enough to the west of the storm's path in Florida to have escaped. The folks nearer the coast were not so lucky.

  3. Stunning photos...calendar-worthy!


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