Misty Trip to Libby & Son U-Picks Apple Orchard, Limerick, Maine

The mist & fog this morning gave the orchard a mystical vibe.

They offer rides out on a golf cart to the least picked sections.

For about a half an hour we had the field to ourselves!

Yellow signs point out the apple varieties.

Yellow delicious apples! My favorite! And they were hardly picked.

It was so beautiful and quiet, except for the sounds of birds.  


I ate that apple. NOTHING beats fresh picked!

Wayne ate this one. 

He's more of a Mac guy.

So pretty!

I was distracted by the tranquil and fluid views.

Our feet were soaked!

Baby apples!


I spotted this dilapidated antique barn on the way home and had to photograph it. There were many beautiful things along the way but it wasn't always safe to pull over.

Tonight we are going to see Graham Nash!

Oh, and about those birds we heard--hawks, eagles, and more? I tried to get it in a video but they suddenly without warning went silent.  I mentioned it to an employee passing on a golf cart who had stopped to ask if we needed a ride back. He had an easy explanation: "Oh, that's a sound machine. I just turned it off. Keeps the birds away." ha!


  1. A sound machine to keep the birds away. That's a good idea. Kind of like how, in Europe, they are using wolf calls to keep the worlves away.
    It looked so beautiful! When do your leaves change?

    1. Our leaves are behind schedule this year because we are in a drought, but I noticed today that a lot of them are starting to turn. There was some concern that the colors might be dulled from the drought but I'm seeing some pretty bright beginnings. :)

  2. Beautiful place & amazing pics. Looks like captured the day perfectly- I can all but taste the apples and smell the wet earth!

    1. Thank you! I love the pics of your new home that the Mr. posted to his IG! I hope you'll be back posting there soon. I miss your feed!

  3. How fun and beautiful! Our grocery store sometimes uses a sound machine to keep the grackles away. Nuisance birds. What will you do with the apples besides eat them? Bake an apple pie, maybe? ;)

    1. At this very minute I am eating a yellow delicious apple! We're munching through the bag all week, plus I added some to my beef stew last night, mmmm. We're going again this Sunday. The foliage is really starting to peak now. With the second batch I'm definitely going to get some for baking pies, cakes and simply baked apples. :)


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