My Le Creuset Crusade, Kittery, Maine

For over a decade I've stocked my kitchen with vintage essentials like Pyrex bowls, flatware, cooking utensils, pots and pans, sets of dishes, drinking glasses and linens mostly hand-picked from local yard and estate sales. I have purchased a few vintage cast iron pieces on ebay over the years like my 1920s Griswold cast iron waffle maker.

Overall I have invested a great deal of time but very little cash on high quality made-in-the-USA things. That's why the concept of buying BRAND NEW *and* expensive beautifully colored cast iron pieces by Le Creuset seemed extremely extravagant. I have never spent or budgeted hundreds of dollars for a single piece of cookware.

I added a Soleil Le Creuset 6.75 quart Dutch oven to my Amazon wish list sometime this spring. Last week I went ahead and ordered it! I was hoping it would be large enough for a small turkey based upon the measurements, not just a chicken, but realized once it arrived that it would be too small. Also, some of the yellow enamel over raised lettering was thin so that close up it looked like they had tiny black polka dots. I contacted Le Creuset and they said that is a normal variation since each piece is made by fifteen people. Thinking it would be better to shop for one in person, I looked online and discovered that there's a Le Creuset outlet less than an hour away in Kittery!

Wayne and I made a fun trip out of it and took the scenic route through coastal Maine. 

We watched waves crash at Perkins Cove in Ogunquit and soaked in the incredible views at Nubble Headlight in Cape Neddick. 

We arrived at the outlet in Kittery shortly after they opened. Wayne and I shared a cup of complimentary hot spiced local apple cider. Mmmmmmm

It's like a candy store for cooks!


Pretty colors and lots of discounts!

Oh my.

So much to see.

Le sigh.

This was an outlet exclusive color--it's glittered!?

How cool are those store cards??

So here's what happened. I bought two gorgeous pieces at an insane discount and returned the unused 6.75 QT Dutch oven from Amazon.

The numbers: 

The returned 6.75 QT oval Dutch oven from Amazon had cost me $349.95. I bought a brand new 9.5 QT Flame oval Dutch oven (priced at Amazon and Le Creuset for $425.95) at the outlet on sale for $180 because it has a tiny superficial scratch under the handle. That's a savings of $245.95! I also bought a brand new first quality discontinued 2.75 QT Flame saucepan for $170. That's TWO new pieces, one of which is WAY larger than the original and will fit a small turkey, for the price of the one I had originally purchased! They do come with the same lifetime warranty! At this point we're clearly making money. Yeah, OK. ; )

The outlet did not have any pieces in Soleil, and I still wanted something in that color that I could use often, so I ordered a new Soleil round 5.5 QT cast iron Dutch oven from Amazon for cooking large batches of tomato sauces, soups and stews. Although I have a 1950s cast iron Dutch oven I use for baked beans and popcorn, the bottom is warped (it was like that when I bought it second-hand) and tomatoes and cast iron don't always play well together because of the acidity. The biggest selling point is that the bright yellow is like sunshine and will certainly be color therapy as I cook my way thought the long Maine winters!

There is a very small "chip" near the rim of the oven I ordered from Amazon. It looks like a tiny place where the enamel didn't set. I contacted Le Creuset and again they said that can happen and doesn't affect the performance or warranty. I contacted Amazon and they offered me a 15% ($48) discount if I wanted to keep it instead of sending it back. Done! Last night I gave it its first test drive.

I made a pot roast stew with organic beef, chopped onions and the final harvest from our garden.

Compared to my stainless vintage Revere Ware Dutch oven, I was able to keep a steady simmering heat on a much lower setting. Shown above is what the pot looked like after a few hours of cooking and half of the stew served. See all of the tomato residue cooked on the sides?

It's shiny and bright after a one minute hand wash. (See the tiny chip?)

Fresh out of their boxes!

I'm really excited for Thanksgiving, now. My new Dutch oven is much sexier than the aluminum supermarket pans I had used for turkey in the past. I'm also looking forward to cooking more colorfully!


  1. the new "set" is beautiful!! I know you will enjoy cooking with them for decades to come.
    we seriously want a rotary wall phone like yours!! same color and all :)

    1. My family had that yellow wall phone in our yellow and brown kitchen in the late '60s, early '70s. Typical teenager, I was embarrassed by it...thought it was old fashioned, and that we should swap it for a cool black one, ha, ha!

    2. I got the particular phone at an estate sale seven years ago--it was still on the wall in use! They sold it to me for $6. I love it. If you go to an estate sale look for rotaries in use and not placed out for sale and ask if they will sell them to you. I got many of mine that way!

  2. Those are excellent cookware. And I love it when you post your walkabouts in Maine. I can't wait to visit there one day.

    1. Glad you are enjoying my Maine posts! Sometimes I wonder if people get tired of them so your feedback is appreciated.

    2. I had a dream about four years ago I was on a tour bus driving down Maine, and we went through a town where the main street was filled with beautiful, quaint shops. We stopped to get off the bus and go shopping, and I heard a voice say, "Maine will lead the way in Business and in Family."
      Later, I found out that the Maine motto is "I lead". So, I have been keeping an eye on you ever since. I'm hoping to get to visit someday as my husband would like to go to.

    3. I don't get tired of them, Averyl. They are beautiful to look at and give me joy. :)

  3. My husband grew up in upstate NY, and his family vacationed every summer at Acadia. Some of the best memories of his life are from there...such a stunning park.

    1. I was there many years ago and hope to visit again in the next few years. It's about 3 hours from me.

  4. Your new set is gorgeous! I love all those pieces and the colors. After I read your post I looked online to see if there is a Le Creuset outlet near me and there is!!! It's in a newish outlet place about 10-15 minutes from me. Yay!! I'm looking to add a couple of pieces maybe a small pot and a larger one. I noticed teal in one of the store photos. I love teal. :) Yellow would work, too.

    1. Oh!! That's very close! Please come back here and let us know what it's like at your outlet and if you buy anything! I roasted a chicken last night in mine and it cleaned up in minutes after a quick soak.

    2. I will! I'm hoping to get by there before Christmas. Or, you know what, I'll bet there will be great sales after the holidays! :)

  5. I really like the photo of the lighthouse! There's something about lighthouses. Those and tugboats that is special to me, not sure why.

  6. Oh my gosh! Your kitchen is so charming!!!


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