Gluten-Free Presidential Banana Coconut Bread Loaf Recipe

Happy (I hope!) Election Day 2016! Ok, that's as political as I'll get on my blog. I voted a couple of weeks ago to avoid the crowds. Wayne voted this morning and stood in line with my ex-husband. Small town livin'! Oh not to worry--they get along! Now why can't everyone play nicely? Oops, see, this is why it's best to not even start on the subject of politics. But! Because it IS Election Day and I just baked this I'm naming it the Presidential Banana Coconut Bread. The recipe itself is a gluten-free adaptation from my 1950 copy of Chiquita Banana's Recipe Book*. I also added lemon and coconut to the mix, two flavors I adore, and boy oh BOY is this GOOD!

Gluten-Free Presidential Banana Coconut Bread

4 tbsp butter (400 calories)
1 lemon (20 calories)
2 large eggs (140 calories)
2/3 cup raw cane sugar (540 calories)
1 cup Bobs Red Mill oat flour (480 calories)
3/4 cup Acadian Light buckwheat flour (400 calories)
1 cup (about two large) mashed ripe bananas (200 calories)
1/4 cup shredded unsweetened coconut (135 calories)
2 tsp baking powder
1/4 tsp baking soda
1/2 tsp salt

In a large mixing bowl cream the butter and sugar. Zest and juice the lemon then add it to the creamed butter. Add the eggs and with an electric mixer, beat together, then add the coconut and banana and beat again. Sift the remaining dry ingredients into the bowl and beat once more until fully blended. With a mixing spoon scrape the sides and mix a few times before pouring into a greased bread pan. Bake in a preheated 350 degree oven for about 55 minutes or until done. Use a toothpick to test.

Makes 10 servings with 230 calories each slice.

This is very moist but not wet; buttery but not too rich. The coconut adds some nice texture and the lemon make everything pop! Your house will smell fantastic for hours.

*Turns out this cookbook is political, too!


  1. YUM! My bananas can't ripen fast enough!!
    We are friendly with R's ex-wife, but avoid mine like the plague. I still think we are doing better than a lot of divorced and re-married folks. Glad you guys are all cordial, too! Sending peaceful and kind thoughts on this election day :)

    1. Andrea! Thank you for your kind thoughts! For some reason I thought the two of you have been married since maybe high school. You are so cute together! My ex still comes by to visit Timmy; they are close. Timmy has two dads from this deal so it's good!

    2. I love that Timmy has two dads !!!!!!!! and that you and Wayne maintain friendship with your ex. I believe THAT is what family should look like- love and friendship and respect. R and I have been friends for close to 18 years, married to each other for just over 8 years. We both went through unpleasant divorces (at different times), but we both feel very blessed to have the love and marriage we have now.

  2. This looks great, Averyl! I love coconut and lemon flavors,too. Have you ever had Italian Cream Cake? I made it back in May at the request of my daughter for her birthday. We loved it! It has coconut and nuts with a cream cheese icing. And that's great that everyone gets along. I bet Timmy loves it. :)

    1. That sounds yummy, Aileen! And yes, Timmy loves having twice the love. :)

  3. This is the best banana bread I have ever tasted (and I have tasted a lot). An election day recipe victory for Averyl and me!!!

    1. way to seek out and celebrate the positive on this election day!!! love it!!

  4. Averyl,
    When I got married, we first married in the US so his parents couldn't object when we visited his parents in his home country.. In our American wedding, my husband is a Sunni Muslim from Pakistan, His best man, best friend in the world is Jewish Israeli, and his 3 groomsman were
    a Hindu friend from college, my best friend's husband who was a Shitie Muslim from Iran and
    my brother who is a born again Christian.
    Getting along is tough, anger gives one the ability to work things out, but inbred hatred
    is a wall that is difficult to penetrate. There was so much anger from the election, but let the healing begin....Love your blog

    1. Elle, thank you for sharing. That is beautiful. My NYC childhood allowed me to grow up in a place where diversity is the norm. I never understood the divisive hatred I sometimes experienced when I left the city. Blessings to you and your family!


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