A Merry 2016 Christmas from the three of us!

Hello everyone! I mentioned in a comment on my previous post that my skin biopsy came back as benign, thankfully. Timmy went through a rough patch with his infection and course of antibiotics but he's on the mend! Wayne is still grieving the loss of his close friend who passed unexpectedly but like everything else we take it one day at a time. Even so, our day was very merry!

Many of our presents were from Timmy, believe it or not. He has a lot of helpers, apparently.

He even got Wayne a vintage card! The other vintage card is from me. Groovy, no?

Poor Timmy lost weight when he was sick but he's getting his healthy appetite back.

Timmy got me a little Christmas tree for my birthday, so I decided to make it a centerpiece for our table.

I placed the tree on a Fenton saucer and added some vintage mini mercury glass ornaments around the base. The embroidered table topper is also vintage from Germany.

Kitchen selfie.

Wearing one of my vintage Christmas aprons. Lots of pockets on this one!

A plate with a big slice of standing rib roast makes Wayne happy!

I cooked the roast with heirloom fingerling potatoes and onions. 

I made a wonderful steamed British pudding from a 1905 recipe in an obscure cook book I recently acquired! It was delicious and I served it with a little scoop of vanilla bean ice cream. I'll post that recipe this week! 

Thank you again to those of you who took the time to wish us well (here, privately or in spirit) during our tough times. We appreciate it and you.

Merry Christmas!


  1. Merry Christmas, Averyl, Wayne, and Timmy! How wonderful to see you back again celebrating a happy and healthy Christmas Day! Love all the vintage decorations and linens, especially the beautiful gift wrap! Your traditional pudding sounds wonderful...can't wait to see the recipe! By the way, when was/is your birthday? I'm a December baby, too...12/24!

    1. Lois! Thank you. It's nice to see you here as well. :) I'm December 13th. Happy birthday!!!

    2. And the same to you, as well! St. Lucia Day! Your birthday is the same day as my good friend Lucy (named after Lucia, of course!).

  2. Thank you for sharing your Christmas with us. And, Happy New Year to you and Wayne and Timmy. Very glad to hear about your good news, and that Timmy is on the mend. I have the same Singer cabinet and sewing machine shown in your picture. The machine actually works, and as Singer was bought by the Chinese, I purchased an additional machine for parts. I love your vintage house. We moved into a "cold-war era, ranch style" tract house a year ago, and we love it. It was a major move across four states, (from Florida to Texas, and from the country to the city), but we are adjusting, and the house really helps, as my husband and I are both "antiquarian anachronisms".

    1. Thank you! Good eye re the sewing table! It still has the original Singer inside, too. I totally get that your vintage house helps feel at home in a new place. You and your antiquarian husband sound swell. :)

    2. You are sweet. So sorry to hear about Timmy. Our pets remain a part of our lives forever. Praying for you after this, and for recovery after your accident.

    3. Thank you so much, Susan.


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