Our Christmas Decorations for 2016

A stenciled "Merry Christmas" mercury glass ornament.

More vintage mid-century ornaments from my collection.

A 1950s glittered atom sign to celebrate the atomic age.

There's our little farm fresh tabletop tree!

A selection of vintage Japan characters always go on the mantel.

Very mod angels and Santa.

This is very special to me. I have loved this since I was a little girl. It belonged to my 100 year old Nana; she sent it to me a couple of years ago. Wind it up and Jingle Bells plays as Santa slowly spins and snow falls.

About six years ago a friend gifted me this vintage Christmas stocking when I shared the photo of my home's fireplace in 1959 on social media.

How swell is that!

More kitschy characters on my mantel.

FINALLY I can use Christmas lights on my tree! As I've mentioned before, you can't use lights on a vintage aluminum tree. The tablecloth is vintage.

This 1950s Beco blow mold Santa Claus sits in my sunroom so he can brighten the view at night. During the day my Victorian Fairy holds a boxful of old ornaments that reflect the light so beautifully.


  1. I love your vintage ornaments and decorations, Averyl! Some beautiful, some whimsical, and othets, as you point out, a cultural statement. Every year when decorating for Christmas, I love pulling out the ornaments my great -aunt made for my parents in the 1960s, then for me as a young adult in the 1970s. They're elaborate and beaded and too heavy for the tree, so I make a centerpiece of them (even the more "well-loved", showing their age). Most precious, though, is the stocking she made for my first Christmas, over 62 years ago. Too fragile to hang, with beading and "fur", it sits on the mantle. Thanks for the chance to reminisce!

    1. Thanks, Lois! Your holiday heirloom decor sounds really sweet!

  2. Thanks! Forgot (in my rambling!) to comment on your sweet vintage tablecloth...very similar to one I bought in an antique store. It remains one of my favorite impulse buys. :-)

    1. Nice! I have a thing for vintage Christmas tablecloths.

  3. I love your little tree! We have a 9 ft. but it's what my husband wanted. After my siblings and I moved out of the house my mother starting buying small trees like that and I always loved them. I like the way you decorated your house. Understated and tasteful but full of cheer. I try to keep it that way myself these last few years.

    I have a favorite porcelain angel/bell that I display every year. When I was 6 years old my mother took me to the Christmas bazaar on the base (my dad was Air Force) and I fell in love with the little angel and begged my mother for it. Normally she wouldn't have given in as my siblings would usually be tagging along and there were four of us. But it was just me and her so she bought it for me. I treasure it! I will try and remember to post a pic on Instagram. :)

    1. Thank you, Aileen! I really appreciate the optimistic minimalism of midcentury decorating, but didn't always apply that to my holiday decorating until now. I feel so much more relaxed with not having to put out and put away dozens and dozens of decorations and hundreds of aluminum tree branches. :)

      That is a sweet story about your angel bell and special that you have kept it all these years. Looking forward to seeing your pic!!

    2. Really beautiful Averyl....all seems to be so lovely. You must have a fresh evergreen smell in your home. Have a wonderful Christmas!

      Aline Plante


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