1951 Health Insurance Rates vs Today: Maine Blue Cross in Pictures

(2017 wasn't yet available)
Rates are for one person in 2017


  1. Amazing. My family was self-employed and paid for Blue Cross every month when I was growing up. If they were still alive I'd ask them what they paid (and they continued to pay my insurance through college). I have the hospital bill from my birth in 1953, tucked inside my baby book. The entire bill, for my delivery and for my mother and me to stay in hospital about a week (much longer than now!) was $100.

    1. $100!!! If it wasn't for that CPI calculator I would be tempted to think that inflation could explain the shocking difference in premiums but, no.

  2. If only it could be that simple...!

  3. I don't know what it would have been for us as my family was military so we didn't pay for anything.


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