Saturday's surprise snowstorm estate sale down my street!

As I wrote here last night, we've had two snowstorms this week, a day off yesterday to finish cleaning up, then three more days of snow starting this morning. I assured Wayne before he left for work I wouldn't be driving in the snow today. That is, until minutes later I saw an ad for an estate sale at the mysterious old house 3/4 mile down the street from me! How perfect! A break in this cold white mess!

The house was one that I wondered about often. I could tell from the window treatments and lamp shades that it was stuck in the 60s decor-wise, and it's very big, so I always imagined it was filled with old treasures.

When I entered I wasn't surprised to see this 1960s caloric wall oven, but what I didn't expect was how, shall I say, "dusty" it was. Turns out part of the house had been unoccupied for ten years. Anyway, there were boxes and boxes of things to pick through, many of which were in an unheated garage attic that was guarded by a scary clown doll on top of an old porn mag stash. 

Because of that and it being ten degrees I didn't dilly dally. 

The sale was comprised mostly of vintage games, toys, books and ephemera.

I figured I'd buy this kooky 1960s board game "Big Mouth" for entertainment value. The cover art made it look like some kind of psychedelic fondue party.

The inside contents included foot-long plastic forks. Trippy!

Vinyl! I'm especially happy about The Young Rascals and The Lettermen.

I bought a little box filled with old greeting cards and papers. These baby and childcare booklets with great graphics were in it.

I bought two bibles. One was contemporary and brand new, still in its gift box and the other a small vintage version with a tooled leather cover. I've never actually read the bible in its entirety and is something I plan to do.

I collect vintage Christmas boxes and use them to store delicate decorations before placing them in sturdy plastic bins. This was the box that held the old cards and papers.

This vintage circa 1950s L.L.Bean informational piece, Care of Leather, fascinated me.

"Many years ago most men worked outdoors on the farm or in the lumber woods. Among their most valued possessions was a pair of rugged boots...

"The technique of pounding fat and animals brains into the skins once practiced by the Indians, has been highly refined..."

I hope you enjoyed my little distraction. Back to reality for me. Right now they are saying up to two more feet with blizzard conditions!


  1. Yes, I definitely loved the glad you found this estate sale and were willing to risk driving to it! Many fun "treasures". I vaguely remember the silly Big Mouth game (love your captions, and the message to the six-year-old recipient on the box!). Good record choices, too. I have that Hank Williams cd. :-) Lois

  2. You've got a good haul there. You seem to be able to find the most interesting things.


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