Retirement and Renewal on Easter 2017

Hi there! Thank you for leaving such lovely and warm comments and messages in response to my last post! I am fortunate to have such thoughtful and sensitive readers like you!

After a difficult six months--Wayne's best friend passing away unexpectedly, the passing of his mother and ex father-in-law within a few days of each other, losing Timmy, my car accident, the passing of my paternal grandmother, living with a sleep disorder--I have re-prioritized how I expend my energy. Approaching fifty is also a motivator to be more discerning about how I live in each day. Because of that, I do have some good news to share. If you want to go straight to it, you can simply skip over the blue text where I explain more of what is no longer working for me which is what specifically led to my decision.

Blogger is clunky and buggy as all get-out. I don't understand why an internet giant like Google, which owns blogger, doesn't invest in it. I'm all about retro, but this circa 1990s (that's retro to some!) platform is no longer tenable for me. I was excited when they came out with some new themes, one of which I am now using, but with it came new bugs and is still very limiting. 

It's very difficult to make money writing recipes unless you are a celebrity blogger, which I am not, or monetize your blog which this one is not. I had hoped that my cookbook Thrifty Vintage Gluten-Free Recipes would have had more sales since so many were asking for them. However, with millions? of free recipes online including many here on my blog, I can see it being a hard sell. Despite this Wayne and I love the recipes and I learned a great deal so I'm looking at it as time well spent at Vintage Cookery U.

Bringing the historical 1950s diet PSA "Cheers For Chubby" back to life which began with a two-year search, finding and obtaining it on a dusty film reel (it wasn't cheap) and then paying someone to digitize it and then sharing it freely on YouTube has been gratifying to the archivist in me, but again, it was expensive.

My 1950s diet book sales naturally have slowed four years later, but I'm so glad that I did the research and wrote it because based upon reviews, comments and messages I received, it made a positive difference for so many of you. As you know, it was a polarizing topic but I didn't let fear stop me from writing and publishing it. As I mentioned in my last post, writing a more inclusive follow-up retro diet book, for which I already picked out a title, have an outline and some more kitchen-tested recipes is an expense (time, hiring an editor, etc) and gamble I can't afford. I have not shopped publishers simply because I'm burned out on this project. I won't be publishing little booklets in lieu of that. Maybe one day if things change...

Looking back starting at 2010 when I began this project, I realize now that I have dedicated a lot to it, more than I had to give. Along the way I lost sight of making sure I wasn't overextending myself and that I was still passionate about blogging about it. (Living it, YES!)

Last year I began to include non-retro/diet blog posts about my adventures in Maine with Wayne. I found that I really enjoy and feel energized by blogging about that! I started to take more risks with opening up about my life and my struggles which has been therapeutic for me. I noticed that some of you liked those kinds of posts, too, and have left great feedback which I've really appreciated. Others unsubscribed from my blog and sent messages asking when I would start talking about diets again.

The result of all of this is that I'm going to be retiring Outdated By Design but plan to keep it online, so if you're new here, do dig into the archives!

My new blog is where I'll share my life in Maine with Wayne, sobriety and simple living, sprinkled lightly with spirituality/religion. It will still have some vintage (I mean this is me we're talking about!) and even some Maine recipes. It has its own domain and is hosted on a paid plan at which is wicked high tech after being on ye olde Blogger! My hope is that over time I may be able to find some advertisers to subsidize costs, something I didn't actively pursue here.

For those who are joining me, or aren't yet sure, come on over to check out my new digs at!

If you subscribed via email here on Outdated By Design you will need to sign up again at my new blog. I exported my Maine-related posts from here so it didn't feel so big and empty starting anew.

This post concludes my blogging here at Outdated By Design. It's been a good run! Thank you for being a part of it!